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Summary of Quarantine Requirements and Notifications

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 15:18

Nebo School District has had a number of questions about quarantine requirements and notifications.  In summary:

  • Schools are notified of positive COVID cases by the health department.
  • Contact tracing protocol says that any students who were within six feet of an infected individual for longer than fifteen minutes will be quarantined as a preventative measure.
  • Parents of quarantined students will be notified.
  • Quarantined and ill students will be provided at-home learning from their regular At-School teachers.
  • The identity of these students is confidential.
  • If you are not contacted then your student has not been identified as being at risk.   

If your child has COVID-like symptoms, please keep them home.  Having symptomatic individuals stay home will significantly reduce our need to have students quarantined or classrooms or schools closed down.   

A more detailed quarantine protocol document from the Board of Health has been posted to  Please check there for the latest information on COVID related issues.

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