March 2022

Tasty Shenanigans

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Thu, 03/17/2022 - 15:21

We made a little Leprechaun Bait snack mix today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Everyone helped throw it together. We mixed up some rice cereal, toasted oat pieces and multi-colored marshmallow shapes cereal, pretzels, popcorn, green button-shaped candies with candy melts and sprinkles. It was a LUCKY day to be a Crusader!

Former Legacy Teacher Passes Away

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Mon, 03/14/2022 - 09:52

Mary Jane Warner, beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher, and friend passed away March 12, 2022. Mary Jane taught in the Nebo School District for 28 years. The majority of her career was at Legacy, a school for young mothers. She taught Foods, Interior Design, Health, and Special Education; she managed their library and was the director of their in-school day care program. 

Walker Funeral Home

Legacy Graduate Returns as Guest Speaker

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Fri, 03/11/2022 - 15:19

Students had the opportunity to hear from Stephanie B., who graduated from Legacy in 2017 with five kids. She described herself as a “recovering quitter.” She shared her story of getting pregnant as a teen, trying an alternative school setting, and quitting to get a job. Over the next 20 years, she worked many entry-level jobs for minimum wage. During that time, she tried to get her GED and quit, she tried to complete packets for school credit, but gave up.

What We Are Learning in Sewing

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Tue, 03/01/2022 - 09:09

Our sewing class focused on learning quilting techniques. There are new terms, learning about fabrics, using a 1/4" seam allowance (instead of a 5/8" seam allowance for constructing clothing), developing rotary cutting skills, and piecing techniques. It is "SEW" exciting to be a Crusader!