September 2019

Staying Safe at School

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 15:45

Every school practices safety drills. There are four general types:  school evacuation; lockout; lockdown; and drop, cover, and hold (earthquake).  The purpose is to ensure the safety of students and staff.  Drills helps students and staff practice responding to emergency situations. This fall, Mrs. Wilkins was motivated to find a solution to provide blackout shades for our classroom doors. These windows are to be unblocked unless there is a lockdown. During a lockdown, those windows must be covered quickly. The solution was magnetic classroom door window coverings.

6th Annual I-Heart-Tech Conference

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Fri, 09/27/2019 - 14:33

Adobe hosted the I-Heart-Tech Conference for 350 local students to attend workshops based on STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education. In a robotics workshop, students faced several programming challenges. The final task was to have their “mBot” robot follow a curving black path. The team with the fastest robot advanced and raced other teams. The coveted prize were Fitbits for the fastest bot. Legacy students persevered and got the win! It was so fun to see how excited our students were as they adjusted the code and tested each change.

Picture Day is Coming Thursday, September 26, 2019!

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 09:08

Order before Picture Day on with Legacy’s Picture Day ID:  UM339031Q0  Here are 5 tips for a great picture day!  1. Pick out clothes and colors that look good on the student. After all, they are the star of the photo—not their shirt, so avoid slogans, logos, and big patterns. Small jewelry and accessories are fine but nothing too big or distracting.  2. Glasses are okay!