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Guest Speaker: Darlynn Menlove

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Thu, 02/13/2020 - 09:12

There is POWER IN READING! We welcomed Darlynn Menlove who taught in Nebo School District for 27 years as a Kindergarten teacher and as a Literacy Specialist. She now works with teachers in training at Brigham Young University. She spoke to our students about the importance of reading to children and shared some inspiring stories of how reading can benefit cognitive development. Mrs. Menlove divided the audience into groups of 2-3 to review a book together and brainstorm how they could use this with their children. Some of the ideas generated were ask questions and predictions; talk about real world connections; sing the story; use actions; rhymes and rhythm promote pre-reading skills; repetition to reinforce learning; and engaging with the child. She challenged everyone to identify one thing each wanted to try to improve in sharing books with their children. Mrs. Boothe gave everyone the opportunity to select two new books appropriate for their child’s age and development. A little Valentine's candy added a sweet touch. What a wonderful presentation!

Ways to Share Books with Babies & Toddlers

  • Make sharing books part of every day
  • Have fun
  • A few minutes is okay – don’t worry if you don’t finish the story
  • Talk or sing about the pictures
  • Let children turn the pages
  • Show children the cover page
  • Show children the words
  • Make the story come alive
  • Make it personal
  • Ask questions about the story, and let children ask questions too!
  • Let children tell the story
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