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Volleyball Team 2019

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 13:40

Once again, Legacy students played volleyball in the Springville City league. It was an exciting season. More girls expressed interest than in prior years and had a great time. None of the players had much volleyball experience, but their improvement was obvious. Teams are coed, so Coach Yazzie invited a young man and his sister to join the Legacy team. She said having a full roster meant players could rotate in and out for a break. Coach Yazzie had the team use a new method to train. She gave them a list of skills to practice on their own and held one group practice per week. The team won more sets than last year and had two wins: one during the season and one during the tournament. Judy said she always liked volleyball, but didn’t have many opportunities or the right equipment. When asked about her experience playing on the Legacy team, Judy said, “I LOVED it and we had a great coach!” Congratulations Crusaders!

Back row, left to right: Mrs. Yazzie, Jasmine, Emma, Niguel, Alia, AnnaRosa and Jaidee

Front row, left to right: Jessica, Judy and Roxanna

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