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Table Setting Contest

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Wed, 05/15/2019 - 09:51

Several of our faculty members have fond memories of participating in the ZCMI Table Setting Contest when they were in high school and decided to provide a similar opportunity for our student body. The first questions to address were, “Why participate?” or “What does it matter if I know how to set a table properly?” The competition is a fun way to express originality and creativity, to learn the rules how to set a table, to gain skills for entertaining, and to make guests feel welcome and honored. A short etiquette lesson was presented and the Legacy Table Setting Contest preparations began. Students were required to write a menu to help them determine what type of items they would need. They were given the option of creating a casual or formal place setting including a table covering, dinnerware, stemware or glasses, flatware, a centerpiece, and a menu for the occasion. Judging was based on place setting, centerpiece, creativity, and menu. Our judges were Sharon Hales, Tori Clarke and Jane Wilkins. The entries were excellent and the scores were very close, but the winning team was Alia C. and Shaylee T! Participants received a darling wicker utensil caddy and the winners each received a gift card. Congratulations and BRAVO!



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