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Spring Fling

Submitted by jane.wilkins on Fri, 04/02/2021 - 13:46

We enjoyed several fun activities before school let out for Spring Break. Gnome Sweet Gnome – Two sisters, Layna and Brenda, prepared kits for each student to make their own adorable spring gnome. It took a little sewing, stuffing and hot gluing but the finished gnomes were adorable. Flower Arranging 101 – Chad and Cherie Wright of Wright Floral taught everyone how to make a floral bow out of wired ribbon. Then they demonstrated step-by-step how to prepare a vase with bowl tape, add greenery and filler flowers and finish up with the focal flowers, some beautiful spring tulips. Thanks so much! Story Time and Egg Hunt – We gathered in the gym to read Little Blue Truck’s Springtime. It is a darling book to celebrate the season. Beneath the flaps you meet all the baby animals born on the farm. The children went out to the playground to search for plastic eggs filled with surprises. Lunch – We enjoyed to a delicious meal of taco salad, chips and salsa, homemade bread, and cupcakes. It is a great day to be a Legacy Crusader!

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